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(c)2002 Pat Connors  

Delphi 6 Grammar

Download (Alpha Version 0.2 - 88 KB zipped up ATG file and notes)

This Delphi grammar is not finished yet but you are welcome to play with it.

It has been copied from the Delphi 6 Help File and then modified to be LL(1).

This modification has taken it from being an easy read to a bloody mess.

Current Status - It parses the interfaces of all the files in the Delphi 6 VCL folder except 1.

Once built, drag all the PAS files from the Delphi Source folder into the test harness to see what it can parse well and what it falls apart on.

I plan to keep working on this and use it as the basis for source metrics tools etc.
If you make any good modifications, please send them through.

Last Updated 30-May-2002